Hog Hunting in Oklahoma

Huge boars and meat hogs are free-range and fair chase for bow and gun hunting. We also can hunt with dogs.  5 TV shows have filmed here!

What We Do

- Hunt hogs on our ranch in SE Oklahoma over feeders in January and February -- find a trophy boar! No license is required by State of Oklahoma for hog hunting.

- Hunt hogs using dogs on private land near McAlester, OK from March through August

- Hunt hogs as an add-on at the ranch during deer season

- Provide in-field transportation to/from stands at the ranch (do not provide Guides in the stands)

- Help with retrieval of game from the field; will help with field dressing and transport of hogs to a local game processor (if desired)


How many hogs do you have on your ranch?
At least two groups (sounders) are "regulars" and large, solitary boars are routinely seen. The ranch is surrounded by over 10,000 acres of timber company land that holds a lot of hogs. We also hunt with dogs on other ranches in Oklahoma when ranchers ask for help with "hog problems"!

How big do the boars get?
Regularly over 200 lbs with occasional monsters well over 300 lbs. We have pics of one at a feeder that exceeds 400 pounds.

What methods do you use at the ranch for hog hunting? What caliber of gun do you suggest?
From stands: We like clean kills and there are very small kill zones on hogs. For guns, we have a strong preference for .270 or greater calibers. For bow hunters we prefer <30 yd shots from ground blinds.

When hunting with dogs we use knives and bows can be very challenging, too!

Do you hog hunt at night?
Sometimes -- but not during the deer season; We do hunt at night with dogs.

What is the price for hog hunting?
$625 for 2 1/2 day hunt and includes a chance to take up to 3 hogs any size, lodging and transportation to stands and a fully guided hunt with dogs; $225 for extra days; $50/day for non-hunting guests.

Check our FAQ's page for more information!